This is a volunteer project to create a comprehensive database of all rowing results. We are also experimenting with methods of ranking rowers based on aggregating their public race results.


Rowingstats is a site created, developed and run by Charles Barry.

Contributors. The site benefits from the work of several contributors:

Need to get in touch with us? Drop us an email to: contact dot rowingstats at gmail dot com


We have several related aims:

To do

We still have quite a lot to do to make this website a success. Our primary goal is to stabilise this website, make it useable and functioning, and then to add more data!

Data to be added

We can only include racing results if we receive a complete crew list along with a list of finish positions for any regatta/head. Times are not important, which is why at the moment we haven't bothered to put any in the results database. Importantly, knowing the club name of a crew (e.g. "Leander A") is not enough - we have to know the names of the rowers.

You can see our progress on incorporating data on our trello board.

Features in the pipeline

You can see our trello live board of where we up on adding features.

Data Protection

A question we have been asked frequently is what our approach to data protection is.

A natural outcome of the existence of this site - in fact, its whole purpose - is that we collate data from publicly available sources to provide a comprehensive database of rowing results. If a race has not published its results, they will not be included on this site.

Currently, our site also only hosts data where the crew members are personally identifiable. This arguably makes it personal data within the definition of the GDPR. We also process all of this data, for the purpose of producing statistical rankings and other analytical information.

The GDPR normally requires consent for the processing of data. However, we do not seek the consent of data subjects for the processing of the data we hold. This is because we believe that (as a research organisation) it is within our legitimate interests to process this data without consent for the purpose of research. We further note that the source data was ultimately provided and placed into the public domain by the original race with the consent of the data subject.

The GDPR also provides a number of rights for data subjects. We claim exemptions from these under the derogations provided by Article 89 of the GDPR (archiving, historical research and/or statistical purposes). We address these in turn:

For the reasons set out above, we intend to retain all data in our database indefinitely.

In exceptional circumstances, we will consider anonymising data held in our database on an individual basis, i.e. a person would only appear as "Person X" or some other pseudonym. We would need to see a compelling rationale for this as it would significantly and negatively affect our research objectives. If you believe such circumstances apply, please contact us at our email address above.

Our data is currently hosted in the United States.


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